June 28, 2006

They met before we did

When my Aunt (my father's sister) met my fiancée's grandmother (her father's mother) for the first time during our engagement "party", there was an elusive sense of familiarity between them that was thrusting through both minds.

They both went home & started scratching their heads to aggregate their rusty memories with the underlying question; "Where do I know this woman from?"

My aunt had an advantage that all her old photos where archived neatly in albums by her daughter, (i think) corresponding to probable consecutive dates.

So she started flicking through the photos relentlessly, imagine the challenge: matching a decades-old face with what’s left of it today after she aged!

Despite the fact that my fiancée's grandmother is a distinctly looking reddish brunette (is that the word?), she's even nicknamed (by her self) " تيتا الحمرا " (The red Grandma).

My aunt search came to an end when she found the picture that captured herself, Grandma & another Lebanese woman during a social gathering sat on Sofa at my Aunt's old house in Al-Muhajirin old district of Amman.

She phoned me up oozing with excitement, telling me that she now remembers my fiancée’s grandma, though they only had a single encounter with each other (at which the picture was taken back in the fifties), they both left a deep impact upon each other that only needed a little catalyst for it to surface onto the present.

My fiancée & I bought a frame in which we placed a duplicate of the picture, and we presented it to grandma, it goes without saying that this made her day, being the person she is who's obsessed with old photos and the memories it bears!

The trigger was powerful enough for her to vividly remember my aunt the photo & the event itself; to such details as to the colour of the psychedelic-looking sofa they were setting on, the story behind the light jacket (that belonged to my Aunt) she was wearing “for the purpose of the photo only” (to cover her bare arms), the occasion at which the picture was taken at and a quick biography of the Lebanese woman who was also in the picture... That was amusingly entertaining.

Further, she mentioned that at the same gathering, my late father’s x-wife was present as a little kid, who was also a good friend of my father-in-law as they used to play together when they were young!

The astonishment from such junctures in our social fabric; can never wear-off! You’ll always be dazzled by how people are related or know each other.

On a side note, I hate pictures; I literally hate to document memories by taking pictures that "captures" them, I like my memories crudely raw & floating in my mind the way I want to remember them!

If they were worth remembering, they'll probably stick (whether good or bad), I hate the surrealistic surge that photos brings to my consciousness with an overwhelming force.

I don't recall staring at any of my late father's photos for more than few seconds ever since he passed away! It just sounds unnatural really when compared to say, how aroma trigger certain memories, or the sight of someone who looks awfully familiar to a dead relative.

June 27, 2006

Do you know Wonho?

Leave a short comment if you do!

I’ve known Wonho for almost 8 years now & he’s a good friend of mine. Beside his socially engaging personality, multi-talented nature & (sort of) charming-at-first-encounter charisma; the guy is eccentrically different than "us".

The late king in his famous saying “من شتى المنابت و الأصول” (From all routes & origins) was inspiringly broad enough to include his family as a Jordanian one indeed! How frequently do you get to be acquainted with a Jordanian guy from a Korean origin who lived among us all his life & commands Arabic probably better than many of us!

A tribute to the Chung family in Jordan & a little “experiment” on the side… please make it a success

June 25, 2006

A good blog entry & an even better comment

Qwaider from the Memories Document blog has put together a very interesting piece, which I obviously didn’t agree with, so I wrote a comment which is worth a dedicated blog entry of its own.

Links: The entry & the comment (in case you’re more interested in what I had to say)

Shameless egoistic self promotion? Indeed…

June 22, 2006

So Fastlink was spying! (Via Elaph)

According to the infamous online magazine Elaph, Fastlink was found guilty by a court ruling in the alleged corporate-espionage case MobileCom have put forward against the latter a couple of years ago!

Elaph is blocked here in Saudi (you get used to the imageless blog entries on blogger along with the purposelessly blocked sites), I got the piece through a mirroring server, I would appreciate it if someone can post the actual link as a comment.

حكم قضائي بإدانة فاست لينك الأردنية بتهمة التجسس
GMT 7:15:00 2006 الأربعاء 21 يونيو

تجنيد موظفين لإفشاء أسرار الشركة المنافسة "موباياكم"
حكم قضائي بإدانة فاست لينك الأردنية بتهمة التجسس

عصام المجالي من عمّان

أدانت محكمة بداية عمّان عدد من موظفي الشركة الأردنية لخدمات الهواتف المتنقلة(فاست لينك) التابعة لمجموعة الاتصالات المتنقلة "إم تي سي" الكويتية بتهمة مخالفة أسس المنافسة المشروعة والتحريض على إفشاء أسرار المهنة والقيام بتجنيد موظفين لدى شركة منافسة وهي الشركة الأردنية لتشغيل شبكة الهواتف الخلوية(موبايلكم) لهذه الغاية.

وجاء في نص قرار المحكمة الذي حصلت "إيلاف" على نسخة منه إن شركة "فاست لينك" أنشأت قسما لاستقصاء المعلومات الكاملة عن الشركة المشتكية وهي شركة موبايلكم إحدى شركات مجموعة الاتصالات الأردنية لقاء مبالغ ورواتب شهرية مقابل إفشاء أسرار العمل والخطط المستقبلية الخاصة بالشركة.

وتلقت فاست لينك تقارير ومعلومات عن شركة موبايلكم مقابل مبالغ من المال وعمولات وعرض مبلغ 5 آلاف دينار في حال إحضار الخطة المستقبلية وأخبار وأسرار شركة موبايلكم.

وكشفت الوثائق الرسمية إن بعض الخطط والبرامج التي كانت تقوم بأعدادها "موبايلكم" بطي الكتمان لطرحها في الأسواق قد تسربت بالفعل لصالح "فاست لينك" حيث تفاجأت الشركة المشتكية بأن العديد من الأفكار والبرامج التي كانت تريد طرحها في وقت معين تسبقاه إليها شركة "فاست لينك" اثر حصولها على هذه المعلومات بالصورة غير المشروعة.

وشهدت إيرادات موبايلكم (الاتصالات الخلوية) ارتفاعا في إيراداتها بلغ 0.9 مليون دينار أردني بنسبة بلغت 2.9 بالمائة مقارنة مع الربع الرابع من عام 2005، حيث نتج هذا النمو بسبب الزيادة في الإيرادات المتأتية من الحركة الهاتفية نتيجة زيادة دقائق الحركة الهاتفية بنسبة

Shameless promoting (backtracking: Fastlink’s success is the highlight of the Jordanian consumer failure!

June 18, 2006

An anomalous divine intervention: America vs. Italy!

“عدالة السماء” (heaven’s mercy/justice) apparently took revenge last night for the hundred of thousands of massacred Iraqis & Afghanis killed by US forces while fighting terrorism (and as a bonus: bringing them justice while at it), along with the chronic oppression of Palestinians that was only made feasible by the American support of the Israeli apartheid!

I despicably hate America’s guts (not its people); I oppose its invasion of Iraq, & the poking of its reddish nose in everyone’s business. But I must admit that I couldn’t but help siding with whoever team the American team was playing against, I know it’s just sport & not politics, but I just couldn’t swallow it. (Beside who ever heard of an American football -soccer- league as famous as the NBA?)

But would I go to the extent to be a God’s spokesman & claim that the two red cards & the canceled goal were part of God’s wrath against American atrocities around the world? I wouldn’t dare doing so...

But it seems the commentator of the ART exclusive airing of the match thought so, he rhetorically screamed “يا لعدالة السماء” as the fond-with-red-cards referee waived the 2nd card during the match (kicking out the first american player).

For a split second there; I was rather amused by the whole thing, but as the 3rd red card was waived (kicking out the 2nd american player) & the 2nd American goal was canceled, the commentator reiterated that he couldn’t help but view this as a vengeance against America’s foreign policy! He interrupted my blatant sense of entertaining joy out of the American team’s misfortune!

Is that so? Why did God allow the American team to make it to the world cup finals in the first place (an achievement on its own even if suffering an 8 to nil defeat like another supposedly a Godly loved country), huh smart commentator?

Why wouldn’t God take revenge by weeping off a whole battalion in the middle of the desert in broad daylight or a couple of them super carriers cruising the gulf? Why choose an almost politics-free football game & not some skirmishes on the frontlines?

I’m also reminded of the fallacy in the proposition of those who found it in themselves to claim that Katrina was God’s answer to America, little did they appreciate the human tragedy in it, or the difference between the ill-fate of fellow humans & the arrogance, deficiency & failure of the government ruling them who couldn’t deal with the crisis (something worth cheering upon).

The fatalist mindset we’ve been oriented with throughout our lives is just incredible, we seek easy victories achieved by others (including non-deserved divine interventions) to heal the wounds of the utter loss we’re solely (as people & not governments) responsible of.

God may well be capable of humiliating an American team during a worldwide event, or even soak America up to its chest with floods & “natural” disasters, and frankly he is capable of doing so, he is the almighty, the sustainer of the universe, but why ridicule our creed in him to merely serve a momentous ecstasy out of mocking our enemy’s misfortune that has nothing to do with the very struggle we have against them?

For some reason (I wasn’t born back then) the scene of the kidnapping of the Israeli Olympic team during the 70s came to mind, yes; the righteously rebellious Palestinians had every right there is to bring the world’s attention to their injustice as it was slowly slipping out of the world’s consciousness & into the ancient-history injustice category that sounds ludicrous to be discussed in contemporary terms.

But the targets were civilians, and not the type of soldiers-on-standby civilians living (occupying?) Palestine as we speak, and the arena they were targeted in was of a civilian nature, I think if one choose to take the Olympics or any internationally-observed sporting activity as a retaliation front, then the game should be played otherwise: lobbying to have Palestine listed as a participating nationality (before the Oslo accords), decide to take part (after being listed) & work hard enough to humiliatingly defeat the Israeli team with pure sportsmanship! or better still, boycotting the event that the Israeli teams are taking part in altogether.

I personally would opt for the latter; I think despite official international endorsement of the Israeli state, non-political events should still recognize the oppression of the people in a politically neutral basis, under the premise that the Palestinian cause is just & humane even before being politicized. But that’s off the subject.

Personally, I only watch the world cup matches while exercising at the gym, I occasionally find myself purposely watching a football match (it must be potentially a really really good game that include mainstream-ishly recognized as good teams), but I’ll definitely not watch the American team in play again, because I don’t want the blatant part of me to have even the tiniest of American-demise midgets out of an insignificant event…

I’d rather flick the channel, watch some news of the Iraqi or afghani resistance "teams" showing their own type of red cards that harvests American mercenaries occupying their sovereign states with the “real” aid & blessing of an ever so merciful & just God.

June 16, 2006

The internet in Saudi: it’s just full of lame surprises & I’m craving for WikiCrack!

Flickr is now unblocked here in Saudi, obviously after I lost any interest in back checking all the pictures I was unable to view for the past months, in return, Wikipedia is now blocked! IF only I can find the sexually-deprived surfer who sought refuge in sex-related Wiki articles.

There’s a good possibility that this blockage will be a long termer, the folks at the Internet unit in King AbdulAziz City are not so keen on sites with generic content. But why Wikipedia?

Let me tell you about how I value Wikipedia & why it’s important to me beside it being one form or another of the limited entertainment I get here.

Although I’m usually a skeptic of the information I get from Wikipedia, given the nature of the project, but I admire every bit of it, especially the Trivia you usually find in main articles along with the unofficial/parallel information that can turn you into a well-informed bragging impostor in few seconds.

Take for instance the article about Mcdonalds, the restaurant franchise chain, beside the basic corporately propagated information, you’ll find an account of the “real” ugly early history of this corporation, along with some trivial information that fail not to amaze those interested in the subject (Oldest outlet, highest & lowest in altitude).

Linking related topics together, and the gathering of information in such a trended manner is all but too interesting, for instance the sidebar of topics of the same genera will usually guide you to the sub topics or display comparative highlights about the subject(s).

The extensive & well-presented technical information about almost everything that is; technical is also impressive, you got good-hearted individuals who like to share & explain technology (in a simple manner) setting up articles about the stuff you here about in the news or use in your daily lives.

I usually start surfing Wiki for a certain subject, but end up in a totally different one, a classic example would be while I’m reading a post on a blog that refers to a Wiki article outlining the biography of someone, this someone is say; a terrorist, so from there I go to read about his convictions, I stumble upon a term such as dogma, so I click on it, taking me to some Buddhist article, that leads me to an article about theology, in the trivia section of such article, it turns out that this or that term was incredibly used so many times in successful telecom projects, so now Im reading about one of them telecom articles ….you get the picture.

One deficiency in Wikipedia’s credibility that is inherent to its very nature of being an open-source project were everyone can toss thier two cents in, I’ll illustrate this with an example, I have no problem with the Baha’i faith, will I do have a problem with their creed and overall idealogy but I won’t run around chopping their heads of or sabotaging their shrines in Palestine.

Some really active Baha’i enthusiasts seem to have got hooked on Wiki, purging every “world’s main religions” article they come across & add what the few mil Baha’is have to say about the subject in hand. Now I’m not advocating that someone should edit their contribution out, but rather the people behind this over emphasising of the Baha’i faith should not abuse the openness of this medium.

But I must admit that I'm rather impressed with the level of neutrality exhibited in most of the information, except of course when it comes to the issue of Palestine, were if you happen to check it's main article, you'll be redirected to an article about the "historical land of Palestine", isolating the term from being conjugated with any notion of an occupied sovereign state or its people, in which there are separate articles about either.

I know I can still use
www.answers.com, as they do syndicate Wiki articles, but its not the same thing.

Oh will, back to basic internet searching then.

June 12, 2006

Wondering Abdullah:

check your mail!

June 11, 2006

3G is here, but i still talk the same talk!

Even if you were not a mobile savvy, chances are you’re well aware of the term 3G, the future-fantastic mobile ”genera” (the –dominant technology is called UMTS) that promises to revolutionize the way we communicate, you’ll be able to do "wonderful" stuff like video calling from your mobile, watch miniature digital TV broadcasting & wireless broadband internet (not). In Saudi 3G (they even claim 3.5G) is here, but nothing changed until now!

Let me put it straight, I’m a technology skeptical despite being a lucrative early-adaptor (the marketing-term for punters who rush to buy stuff while hot & not minding the premium & the bugs) when I go shopping, but I’m an industry insider non the less! Ehm… I know stuff that the average I-take-it-for-granted-using-my-mobile-while-in-an-elevator mobile user wouldn’t give a flying thought knowing it or care less for his ignorance in such field, if this doesn’t turn you off, then by all means, you’re not one of them, continue reading if you will.

3G is a fad (3.5, 4 & beyond), vendors & operators are starting to recognize this fact, the only reason that the fad is still striving until this day, is simply because handset vendors were intuitive by integrating their 2.5G (nice way of saying GSM with GPRS) handsets with some/many of the features facilitated by 3G.

So if you’ve bought a mobile phone in the past few months, there’s a good chance you’re ready to use 3G services providing your network is ready to offer it. In Jordan, I’m only aware of MobileCom offering a reliable EDGE data service (classified as 2.75G) that somewhat offer slightly-better-than-dial-up connectivity but at a premium. Fastlink is in the initial steps of deploying their 3G network, Umniah are ready but hesitant while XPress is competing on a total different front they’re not bothered with 3G and its hyped endeavors.

So before you’re taken by fancy marketing campaigns about what you’ll be able to do, let’s review the services you’ll probably be bombarded with when 3G is launched:

First, it’s the science-fiction prophecy of video telephony being materialized! Nothing novel, most of us used video chatting on the net already, but never used a “real” handset dedicated to that specific function. Yes its cool & hip, but even if the per-minute pricing was acceptable (it won’t be), what practical applications for such offer? It’s been engraved to our contemporary human development to comprehend speaking with those distant from where we are without needing to see them, I mean the thrill of seeing the person you're talking to wear off in a couple of minutes of talking & actually becomes a burden…

I can only think of it as the next big thing here in Saudi, given the success & impact of Bluetooth as a powerful communication medium in such a gender-segregated society, where now those who typicaly can’t meet in person can now at least see each other while talking over the phone (no fault in contemplating the explicit)…

remember, video-telephony is being offered in the UK through its 3G network three since 2003, but with no much success to capture the hearts of the mobile savvy.

Second, watching TV while on the move, since most of us store funny, interesting or explicit clips on their multimedia phones to kill some time with friends, so probably if you’re stuck in transit & about to miss your favorite series, then I can see why you would pay extra to watch it on the move even if it was 2” screen that you’ll be watching it on. So yes, mobile TV is a good idea, but watch out for battery life.

Finally, the most interesting offering (if delivered upon) is wireless broadband internet connectivity, the main concern is how “real” will be the internet they’ll be offering, how much of the “free” or “cheap/er” goodies of the internet will they be blocking? Would I be able to use Skype, instant messenger services by third parties or any other communication medium that will bypass their core voice/SMS/MMS infrastructure?

And for those IP networking gurus, there’s a huge business that’s booming with packet monitioring and interception software & hardware to do just that… What? our customer is about to use Skype to call his brother abroad through OUR data network for “almost” free & not pay for it through our VOICE network? Darn these Skype packets, corrupt them. It’ll be even more interesting to see the counter development of software that will find loop holes around the new trend of IP policemen.

Probably, they will let you browse the friendly non-revenue-slashing internet quiet freely, but it won’t be like having a real internet “pipe” connection similar to your ADSL/leased-line, not to mention the cost, I doubt any unlimited rate-plans, if any they’ll probably be capped with a definite fair-use agreement written in the small print, while the per mega-byte rate-plan will be ridiculously expensive, so it'll be a subsidized internet-like IP service rather than the internet you're used to!

Let’s talk speed, yes with 3.5G technology such as HSPDA you can get download speeds up to 2Mbps, but that’s the maximum connection speed between your handset and the base-station (tower) you’re connected to, what’s after that? The “tower” is typically connected (backhauled) to the operator’s main-switch through special leased-lines/Microwave-links (typically a single E1 & less commonly a couple of them) with limited capacity to fit existing voice traffic, so little chance you’ll be getting a true 2Mpbs connection.

Simple math is all what it takes, if you’re connected from A to B with a 2Mpbs speed along with say, 10 others, and B is connected to C (assume this will be the internet) through a single 2Mbps connection or even 4Mbps? How much bandwidth each of you will be getting?

So before you go buy expensive PCMCIA cards for your laptops or HSPDA ready-handsets with an up-sale expensive data-cables (to buy-pass Bluetooth latency), wait until the technology matures or get merged with other existing products like the Wifi/WiMax/HSPDA ready laptops coming out in the course of this yeas.

June 06, 2006

Did I tell you about Adam?

Perhaps one of the most eccentric acquaintances I ever made with anyone was my omni encounter with a young Canadian guy named Adam, our mutual friend (Maher) introduced me to him when he came to reside in Jordan working as a pilot for a newly established charter airliner.

Beyond the hype that surrounded his death, the portraits in glossy English magazines & the instantaneous mourning of the circle of people he was surrounded with (with few exceptions of the sincere few), allow me tell the story of Adam, the one that my humble self was subtly part of, yet its profound effect upon me, still trickles down to the very essence of my consciousness!

The gathering took place at Adam’s home in late spring’04, it was a very interestingly located classic old-Ammani style house opposite the books@cafe, vividly over looking downtown, and because it was a purposely arranged gathering, there was an uncomfortable sense of what’s-next? to it at start, but the easy-going & engaging charisma of Adam overcame this stall.

Wanderer Adam was seeking answers or perhaps directions; he had far too many unanswered (or unsatisfyingly answered) questions about existence, life & so on, the typical set of things you’ll frequently dwell upon if you reflect upon yourself and the life you’re leading (or being dragged all along in it).

We conversed in a very relaxed manner, beyond any characteristics you may attribute to the fact that I’m an adherent of Islam & he was closer to agnosticism at the time.

The discussion was left with loose ends, no prevailing thoughts or opinions, just a civilized exchange of thoughts... EDITED*

Days went by, and I never heard of the guy again, until a couple of months later, when I called my friends back home around Eid-Al-Fitr time the following Ramadan of Autumn'04, when they informed me of his death, which happened when his airplane crashed during an air-show (I think it was a rehearsal) at Wadi Rum the first day of Eid…

That piece of news was momentous on its own, the inevitable reoccurrence of death never fails to overwhelmingly strike me even when I'm not acquainted with the deceased, but that was not the only piece of news I was told, my friends informed me that Adam embraced Islam during Ramadan… May Allah rest him in piece & have mercy upon us!

A Few days later, Maher called me and told me about the encounter he had with the Shiekh who led the funeral prayer at Ibad-Al-Rahman mosque in Sweifieh, who asked about the identity of the deceased, he was told it’s Adam, he was astonished & reiterated that this new convert joined him throughout Ramadan in Taraweeh prayers (the prolonged Ramadan-exclusive optional prayer after Isha)!

Please understand that I’m not trying to promote Islam here blunt manner, despite the fact that the story itself is profoundly influential, yet if one can contemplate the human story line, in which a guy from a distant land, travels halfway across the world to a tiny foreign land, whilst having lived the bulk of his life either adhering to a certain axiom or wondering (for the most part) about his existence & the truth beyond matter & sincerely attempting to give meaning to his livelihood!

And then, far away from where he considered home, he acquaints himself with a new religion, a way of life or a philosophy (whatever floats your boat; “open-minded” claimants) and he embraces & practices it for the rest of the few days remaining in his life!

It was an undisputed manifestation of the prophet Moh’d -pbuh- hadith:

إن أحدكم يُجمع خلقُه في بطن أمه أربعين يوماً نطفة، ثم يكون علقة مثل ذلك، ثم يكون مضغة مثل ذلك، ثم يرسل إليه الملك فينفخ فيه الروح، ويؤمر بأربع كلمات: بكتب رزقه، وأجله، وعمله، وشقي أم سعيد، فو الذي لا إله غيره! إن أحدكم ليعمل بعمل أهل الجنة حتى ما يكون بينه وبينها إلا ذراع، فيسبقُ عليه الكتاب فيعمل بعمل أهل النار فيدخلها، وإن أحدكم ليعمل بعمل أهل النار حتى ما يكون بينه وبينها إلا ذراع فيسبق عليه الكتاب فيعمل بعمل أهل الجنة فيدخلها

Call me mystically emotional, but I shiver when I think of Adam & this hadith at the same time.

I’m not sure if his parents knew of the conviction he carried with him to the afterlife... EDITED*in order to bury him at a Moslem cemetery observing the Islamic rituals as he would’ve deserved after his body was sent back to Canada.

At any measure, this was not the average numb existence of your average person! This was not onw of your average hyped up converts stories that are usually told rhetorically! It was simply the story of Adam… and from my humble perspective, it was The story of Adam: the one day friend, the one month Moslem and the martyr. نحسبه عند الله كذلك

* EDITED : Edited on the 10th of June upon the suggestion of reader Lamer, thank you.

June 02, 2006

This is the dogmatic fallacy of being a self-acclaimed “open minded” liberal/secular; my friend.

I did not choose to adhere to Islam because of anything you might think I’m susceptible of! I’m not unique but I also don’t merely fit to neither of the typical profiles you can easily label me with to satisfy the flawed sense of apprehension & security being an inclusive liberal who’s so sure he (& a couple of she’s) got it right with such a mindset!

It wasn’t because I was partially raised in Saudi & taught in its schools (I think their school curriculums leads to utter agnosticism), it wasn’t because I had a traumatic accident & God divinely intervened to protect me & so I led a pious life thereafter with utter graciousness (though I try), it’s not because I fill for the emotionally charged rhetoric of some groups who capitalize on the miserable state of our nation.

I’m not suppressing any feelings or running from a sinful past, I did not “do the seven & it’s bearing” (السبعة و زمتها) & then had enough from it while being spiritually drained, I have no unconscious motivations for practicing Islam other than the practical, tangible & sound judgment I made about it consciously, I’m open for debate, I’ll put my beheading sword aside and spare your blood for a nice discussion in a neutral venue that doesn’t sell alcohol, I hope you don’t get a fit from my preference.

I was not overwhelmed with Sufi mysticism nor did I have a cultural retreat to the comfortable havens of one’s origin after having a distressful cultural shock when I was exposed to the west… I’m non of that, I’m your average individual, with no fancy story to tell about why I chose to be what I’m, just a normal progression of affairs like any other, you’ll probably find it interesting if you’re able hear it without prejudging over a cup of coffee.

I’m not a reoccurrence of a known cultural phenomenon (excluding the current widespread of thoughtful committed observance of Islamic doctrine), it’s probable, but until you verify such assumption neutrally, you have little credibility labeling me as such! The fact of the matter is you can’t presume and sum up what’s in my head have you seen me sporting a fist-long beard!

I like to believe I practice falsification like any seeker of crude truth, I choose not to accept the obvious, I like to hear counter arguments more than the supportive ones, I’m also allergic to the tabooing of major issues the same way you claim you are, I only fear that my “faith” will be shaken when I start fearing the probability of such proposition, which is not probable, so paradoxically I fear not!

And beside the nuisance of trying to stare else where, I wouldn’t assume anything if you were a lady who’s wearing provocatively or a guy who’s fond of piercing! It may take me another 20 minutes (or less frequently: much longer depending on depth of interaction) to judge as to what I make of you!

So my dear self-acclaimed liberal, could you give me a break & let live, accept that other mentalities can exist, that the eventuality of a third way (fourth if you like, the Brits coined the third a while back) beyond what you thought applicable is possible, that a non-liberal or non-secular (at least, not claiming to be one) can coexist among the herds of like-minded or post-modernly accepted variations of ideologies…

Can you appreciate that there are those who may (at face value) look like your average religiously-stricken individual overwhelmed with the acclaimed conservative uprising that’s sweeping the region due to many socio-economical-political reasons (though others can factually call it a renaissance or an awakening, I like to think so), but in reality, there might be a sense of individuality, a different story to be told, beyond your inevitably simple-minded comprehension.

Acknowledge the fact that many of the liberal & secular stances that are taken for granted now a days are already outdated & they need revision, otherwise you’ll be as inferior as the ones you claim to be against, think of hard core communists still praising mother Russia, I can think of examples closer to home but I don’t want to get into trouble.

Can you be capacitating the same way you would expect me to be, or the least to live up to the secular utopian claims of tolerance & coexistence, don't ridicule my position or predefine me into the infamous (yet decietful) 1400 years old outdated category?

Can you accept the fact that 1400 years worth of heritage is so valuable that it really doesn’t matter if you believe in the authenticity of its origin or agree with it’s (divinely, in this case) inspiring directives, probably if you come down from the ivory tower of yours, you’ll see that much of the Oh’my atheist discussions, philosophical endeavors, creative thinking & so forth was not only greatly covered, but also, discussed, elaborated, refuted or embraced.

And since you choose to be an erudite liberal who sounds well-educated & have an opinion about almost everything that’s featured on TV, could you please be a bit more than the average life pundit & not fall to what the mainstream dictates blatantly.

My stances can range from rejection, empathy to total support for contemporary (and historical for that matters) Islamic or any other generic issues, don’t assume anything, insult my intelligence not & you’ll find me equally understanding.

I’m not a dysfunctional member of the society, I did not withdraw into comfortable religious numbness, I’m like any other here (few actually, many are mere mimics), an individual with mind of my own, striving to adhere to the righteous path of Allah & the teachings of the prophet Moh’d –pbuh-. Needles for me to be apologetic or lead a perfectly saint life for you to barely swallow my existence, we all do mistakes you know!

I don’t need your sympathy nor your endorsing acceptance of my faith, I’m not a mystical monk believing in nonsense, I’m not sensitive about the fragile axiom I believe in, I need no pats on the shoulder as to say “It’s OK to believe in a God or Gods, we all need something to believe in after all, but stay of our backs you crazy backward subhuman!” BS… if you have nothing intelligent to say, by all means wiz off & try something new, perhaps a paradigm that wasn’t bashed long back.

Can you put your labeling gun aside & listen to what is being said before you bang my forehead with a label & unwillingly pop two buds onto your ear in order not to hear!