December 25, 2007

A year without blogging, OR: The Sheikh is back

It's been well over a year since I wrote for my deserted blog, I can't help but maintain a continues awe of the way time lapses, however; it's not how time passes that made me return to my dear-diary equivalent, but rather the yet another set of momentous events and things that I've witnessed and was intriguing enough that I wanted to capture "somewhere" other than the volatile memory of mine.

You see, I have been writing for the most part of my adult life, never in a regular basis like when I was actually maintaining a blog (more or less), but I used to capture the "high times" with a written or typed notes of that specific moment, trying to reserve it by illustrating what is it and how it did or did not impact me or the people around me.

But as life went on, and I started leading a professional life led by a increased responsibilities and faced by new realities (eventualities really) that made me what I'm today, all this led to less frequent notes and writings, with the exception of the year I did actually wrote for my blog in.

That year (2006) was not necessarily less significant than any other, if any thing (to come and think about it); it was fairly significant, but beside that fact, the year I blogged in was unique in the fact that I managed to capture many aspects of it, from pseudo-political stances, to emotional dwells and the usual uncontrolled bashing of our oblivious society, the very same things that I experience every day and mostly forget the day after, but when when captured on this blog; I create a reference pointer; pointing right back at them, with some meta data around for the sheer entertainment of myself really, and perhaps some avid audience who can be counted on one's right hand (the left if you will).

Beside that, I've been through equally interesting "things" in the course of this passing year that intrigued me to write about them, I honestly missed writing and editing what I write for the purpose of publishing on this blog rather than leaving them lingering on the edges of my brain; although its tiresome and time consuming, but it does pay off when looked at after a while.

So what's behind this enthusiasm after a prolonged silence? Well, I'll leave this to serve as a come back post, and save the ranting (sorry Hamada, you know it was eventual that I'll use this over used term :) for the next post(s).

Until then I'd like to thank Gradly who for some reason I'm not sure of; was kind and gracious enough to add my blog to his blogroll despite the fact that I was inactive for so long, I feel humbled by his kind gesture.