June 27, 2006

Do you know Wonho?

Leave a short comment if you do!

I’ve known Wonho for almost 8 years now & he’s a good friend of mine. Beside his socially engaging personality, multi-talented nature & (sort of) charming-at-first-encounter charisma; the guy is eccentrically different than "us".

The late king in his famous saying “من شتى المنابت و الأصول” (From all routes & origins) was inspiringly broad enough to include his family as a Jordanian one indeed! How frequently do you get to be acquainted with a Jordanian guy from a Korean origin who lived among us all his life & commands Arabic probably better than many of us!

A tribute to the Chung family in Jordan & a little “experiment” on the side… please make it a success


Basem said...

I do

Qwaider قويدر said...

Infamous has negative meaning Basem, did you actually mean it like that? (not questioning your command of english, just wondering)

bakkouz said...

wow! you brought back some memories!
I know Wonho, not really well though, I've talked to him for a couple of times on the phone, I used to know him through IRC along time ago, through #adiga on irc.dal.net. i don't know if he remembers me though heh

Basem said...

“his” was some how eaten by the editor! it should’ve read “in his famous”… thanks bro

Shahrour said...

A big hello to won ho if he is reading this....Igorin chaa mashini, pango kasso.

salam said...

hey was he a terra scanta boy?

Spekkie said...

I know Wonho! lol
well by name only, from school (no not terra sancta)

wonho said...

Hey there, Wonho here!

A big hi there to everyone, especially Mr. Shahrour...I'm impressed with your ability to 'speak' Korean man :)

Basem, thanks for starting this little experiment. Let's see how things progress. Take care

Bakkouz, I remember you...hope all is well!

And yes I was a Terra Sancta boy...


Anonymous said...

Walak Wonho mish ma32ool ur more famous than I ever thought!!!!

Really sorry for Korea in the World Cup...I thought they deserved it !!


salam said...

hey then you're my brother's class mate wonho!

Wonho said...

Who's your brother Salam?

Mr. Tea said...

I know Wonho through Mervat & Faridon... don't think he knows me but hello anyways. Thanks to nini Merve for spreading the word about this appreciation thread. Oh and had the pleasure of seeing him and the choir singing Christmas carols in Champions once.

Mr. Tea said...

oh it's Tarik El-Khateeb by the way...

sabri said...

I have met him once, and think i saw him once in hidden camera show,

Mervat said...

nono boy!!!

alia said...

well well well, as this is my first comment in your blog basem although i've acquired a taste for checking it out every now and then. i must say i'm impressed and putting all other posts aside. yes i know him and kunchim kuma kumai wonho ;)
by the way basem are you trying to use our celebrities now to increase traffic at this blog. hhmmm you did put a bit of thought into this one didn't you ;)

salam said...

wonho,he's yousef najjar from terra scanta,and he says hi!I was once amazed when he mentioned you and I asked does he speak arabic he said fluently..I was impressed..reading about you in this blog..your name rang a bell!

Patrick de Groot said...

Hey Wonho - My Man! How YOU Doin?! Bros. I know WonHo, as he's living in me house. He's me missus brother, so he is me brother. Oh- and he is also the aunt for my two daughters. Oh, and he can also sing songs. F..k, can he sing songs; and we're not talking singing in the shower, OK? Not sure if he is for hire, but if you need someone to sing, call Wonho - dont forget. This is me first BLOG - feels kinda weird. Not sure whether I wanna spend the rest of my life writing letters to anonymous people, but while I'm at it, I just wannut to say HI, so "HI"

Basem said...

Well Alia, the novelty goes to Mr. Shahrour here, I just implemented the idea with adding a bit of a Basem twist to it, that’s all… otherwise, I’ll take what you said as a complement!

Phaedra said...

I know Wonho.... I also know so many people who also know Wonho... let us see where this experiment takes us!

Wonho.... everytime I hear the song Gallak i remember you, Mervy and me driving at 3am in the streets of Dubai!!!!

Anonymous said...

Although i have not seen him in a while, Wonho's presence resonates within the core of my being.

Not Really!!

Wonho is awesome, so many memories (including an orgasming cat! Don't ask!), ambassador kidnappings, and being spotted as "the korean guy from superstar".. but whatever you want to call him, Wonho is sweetness personified.

Thank you Mr. In-Sook for your most gracious gift to the world..

Go Chung Go!

Yazan (No DVD player for you) Al Ghazzawi

wonho said...

Hey there...it's me again :)

Salam - please send your brother my best, hope he's doing well.

Tarek - of course I remember you, I've seen you numerous times with friends. If I remember correctly, you drive/used to drive a chrysler neon, right?

t.bob - send me an email with updates man, what's happening over there? And did you mean Korea deserved to win or lose? Our friendship is at stake here man :)

Mervat - Orf!

Alia - it's been a while ya za3ra, and koncheem you know who...Doea 'happiness' ring a bell :)

Phaedra - we can listen to that song while cruising the streets of Amman...I'm coming back soon!

Yazan - that's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me, thanks alot man and the Korean ambassador sends his best :) Hope to see you soon man.

Laterz all...

Anonymous said...

WonHo .. this one is for you ..

Child, blow your horn now
Come on, Child, blow your horn now
I like it when the horn go

Muhammad Knowles

Mr. Tea said...

Hey Wonho, you ARE great! I don't even remember what car i drive! lol. Heard you'll be in Amman soon, hope to see you then.

Odeh said...

Wonho was in my school when i was a kid, i didnt actually get to know him personally because of the age difference, but i was always fascinated by his arabic.. immaculate.

Salutes to you sir :)

ساري said...

I know it seems annoying to post a comment 3 months after the previous comment was posted, but hey, I'm proud to be annoying.

As a year-2000 Terra Sancta graduate, I was googling for the keywords "Terra Sancta"+blog+Jordan
and I ended up here :)

Wonho is a close friend of my brother Ahmad, consequently he's a friend of mine. He used to come a lot to our house when we were young and we were together in the bus.

Wonho.. a very big HI to you man.

Sary Al-Assad
(Can anyone possibly xcome back here 3 months after the last comment was posted)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sary,

So nice to hear from you, it's been ages, literally!!!

Hope you're doing well. I heard Ahmad is getting/got married, is that true?

Well in any case, please send him my best and hope to see you soon.

Take care,

ساري said...

Hey Wonho,
Amazing how people could get connected after so many time and in unexpected places (sorry Basem for manipulating your site for talking to Wonho :) )
Well Wonho, yes Ahmad got married last February el hamd l Allah.
Will send him your congrats.
If you want to contact him (whispering to Wonho): ahmad@arabadvisors.com