September 13, 2006

Getting techy with it

Blogger platform help. How can I upload AND place a JPEG banner instead of the one in the template? Please help, it'll be rewarding, rewarding I tell you (visually at least)


bakkouz said...

Ok, I'm not a blogger user but, when you go to settings - template , there should be a css file, in that file, look for :
beneath it there should be something like:
background: url("")

you need to chagne that url to the url of the image you want.

Also the blog title you can change the URL for that also, there should be a #blog-title tag with a background:url line beneath it also, change that as well to your liking.

Um I think thats how you do it in blogger, i'm not sure really sure though cuz like i said i'm not a blogger users :)

bakkouz said...

oh and incase you don't have the background: url("http://..... line you can just add it yourself under the #header.

Anonymous said...

Hi Basem, it is Serene (mais' cousin), i know that this is hardly the appropriate place to say hi, but i couldnt help it. Mais told me to check your site and so I did, it's great. Say hi to her plz and take care!