July 09, 2006

Blog wars, now is it?

A comment spammer(s) managed to lure me into clicking on what apparently seems to be yet another new Jordanian aggregator.

What seemed wrong right from the start was the statement made under the coming-soon banner, which clearly drives off all those who are already registered with another existing Jordanian aggregator!

Unless the creators of the two sites were fuming foes, I see no reason why the new site should be blunt in stating the above!

Better still, they could've been subtle about it and simply dismiss any applicants who are listed else where to avoid the bad karma and be more inclusive at face-value.

I must admit however, being listed on a credible aggregator (or gracious fellow bloggers rolls) is an important milestone.

If it wasn’t for Allah’s will and the good bunch behind the planet; I wouldn’t have had half the exposure I’m getting now, not that I know how many people visit my blog, but I like to think there are significant few to say the least.

I once stumbled upon a major Palestinian blogs aggregator, and found many JP blogs listed over there, not that I have an issue with it, but it got me thinking if it really matters? Does submitting my blog to another aggregator will do me any more good?

A bit of an unsolicited public advise to the folks behind the new site:

You're not offering anything new! You have JP incubating most of the "blogs" you're targeting, toot is hand-picking the good stuff (as they claim) and apparently they’re good at it, dwwen, tadween, dewanji and all other spelling variants are… will, I’m not sure what they are doing, but being just another "aggregator" will be self-defeating in a crowded market place.

Update: It seems the same people are behind both sides, but I still think they should get rid of the statement.


Ohoud said...

Yeah,that also caught my eye!

But I concluded that maybe they're offering something new or have a different agenda maybe.

7usam said...

Dear Basem

First I would like to thank you for your comments
Then I would like to clear the misunderstanding and clarify what is our point of view
Dwwen Is not just another aggregator !
Dwwen is a blogs tagging and archiving system, then its an aggregator to list all new blogs entry and we do the hand picking for some good articles
Dwwen is for all Arab blogs not only for Jordan
We believe that only the user can choose what blogs to read so all blogs have the right to be listed in Dwwen ,
The only rule is to avoid bad words cursing or direct insulting to peoples, entities, religions ,

Sawtona is a Jordanian blogs aggregator and with loads of new features and ideas

reader can create an account to be registered user
User can customize the main page
User can choose what blogs to show and what not show
Previously visited articles will be hidden next time he log in
User can export/ import rss feed, favorites
And the most important every body can be part of Sawtona as long as you are a Jordanian + blogger

This is the nature of the internet it open for all

the statement you mentioned under the coming soon banner means all Jordanian blogs in Dwwen will be automatically listed in Sawtona so no need to be subscribe again that’s all

no Sawtona is not just another aggregator
yes we are offering a lot of new stuff

thank you again for the comments and hope to see you in Dwwen soon

Basem said...

Dear 7usam

Thanks for the clarification, perhaps I “misjudged” dwwen in the process of “prejudging” Sawtona, however you might want to revise the statement in light of the above clarification to avoid confusion.

Apologies and good luck with the new project(s).

7usam said...

done ..
thank you again