November 24, 2005

So I did join the Caravan...

I finally did it... I am now officially a "blogger"

I've been intending to start blogging back in September (when I stumbled upon the first blog I saw which was Ahmed's Humeid 360east), so I started writing publishable entries ever since but thought of a home grown blog (to have my own site that is), alas... it was technically too demanding and time consuming, so I retired to the click-click-click-and-there-you-have-it service from like everyone else! Effectively enforcing a disciplinary measure upon my elitist tendency!

Now that I am a blogger, am I suppose to feel any sense of belonging to a greater entity? Or am I just too late that the aura surrounding the cozy blogging bunch is now consumed as the numbers of people catching up with the trend grows by the hour? Is it wrong to already feel obliged to blog about something in a timely basis? Is this yet another commitment I have strangled my self with...


Tololy said...

I personally do not think you are supposed to feel like you belong to a larger "entity", as you liked to call it. I find you should not feel the way you do, obliged to blog about something in a timely basis, because that would, I predict, kill the fun.

Welcome to blogsphere. I will be monitoring the scene for mind-numbing posts, and I hope you deliver :)

Roba said...

It's not really about belonging to a larger entity or not, it's about being able to react and interact with readers and various bloggers.

If there's not much interaction, linking, etc, then it might as well be more of a diary or a newspaper than a blog.

I will also disagree with Tololy here. I find that the most beautiful thing about blogging(aside from the fact that it's the perfect medium for self expression), is how social it it. I have met many a wonderful people through blogging, made good friends from all around the world, and discovered a great many things about human interactions.

In the coldness of bytes, blogging provides a warmer, more personal facet to the internet.

Enjoy blogging!

Ahmad Humeid said...

I am flattered! Your comments on 360east were so well written and always represented a sharp point of view. I was wondering when you'll take the plunge. Now that you've finally did I say: keep it up. Will definately add you to my RSS aggregator.

Small correction: It's Humeid and not Humaid :)

Hatem Abunimeh said...

Welcome Basem, I don't know how I missed this opening blog, I must have been away from reading for a few days or something. Any way : Enjoy yourself buddy.