August 23, 2009

The thing with Saudi is...

One of the negative aspects of our contemporary lives is the fact that we're gradually loosing any sense of surprise... being impressed is becoming a very elusive feeling, but i guarantee you this one will leave a mark.

Every country is full of contrasts, and the uniqueness of each country is only matched by the diversities of the human kind, yet in Saudi Arabia; one regularly witnesses extremes beyond any spectrum of contrasts one can comprehend.

Take for instance a recent governmental decree to ban certain vehicle plate numbers' combinations which were recently introduced (some two years ago), a story picked up by the BBC from a report by the local Al-Watan newspaper about the ban by vehicle registration department made on certain plate numbers that have "an offending" English letter combinations!!!

Did no one at the concerned department figured out before hand that such combination where possible and thus they were surprised as they actually got circulated and start to allegedly "offend" people?

The thing that troubles me most with Saudi Arabia is the unmet potential the country is capable of, and on top of that, you see stuff that one might expect only in volatile Banana republics.

Mind you, i'm almost half (or less than a quarter) Saudi, i have Saudi first cousins and i've lived a good portion of my short life in it. I was born there and most of my professional career i developed over there. I'm strongly (and rather harshly) opinionated about it, but only because of my sincere and wholehearted intention of seeing Saudi meeting everyone's expectations of it.

On a lighter closing note, i salute whoever who took this decision for considering USA to be insulting along with the other combinations.