November 05, 2008

For what’s worth & beyond the touch-screen displays

It’s 2am Amman time, and I just managed to unplug myself from the TV, saturated with the touch-screen displays that each news channel was demonstrating as if it’s a TV first or an unprecedented novelty with all the blunt references to them by news anchors; though credit is due to those who worked on the graphics, content and presentation, otherwise here’s my take before the actual results are out so I can brag about it later:

Despite this overwhelming feeling that we’re witnessing history in the making, my mind is as much hesitant as it is it is vigilant of being caught in such moment, because frankly I believe in two contradicting turn of events (an act of doublethink): that the winning of Obama is as plausible as a sudden & unpredictable Armageddon out of the blue (not the eventuality of such event just its suddenness) that will stall the united states.

And the other is that his winning will forever stipulate (oozing with drama) the notion of the ”American dream” being of a scale that truly allows any determinant man or woman (from any background) to meet their aspirations and fulfill their ambitions even if it was becoming the president of the entity itself, something I find myself in envy of as much as I find myself applauding from some odd and somewhat cosmopolitan perspective that I can’t actually fathom how I ended up with!

In all cases, I think something will happen that will not either of the above to happen, be it a glitch in the computerized voting stations, an after hours recount, an underground world government intervention at last minute, south American illegal immigrants are neutralized given the chance to register and vote in a matter of 3 hours making use of the 3 time zones difference to swing Calerfonia with its 50x weight over other states on deciding who will be the next man or whatever that is.

And would someone please explain who are the candidates who fit in the "others" category that some interesting Americans managed to get themselves to vote for, are they many or is it just Ralf Nader? Because if it is, why isn’t he referred to by name? And what’s behind the reports about some European agencies monitoring the elections claiming to be sort of boxed or crippled by officials?

News stories will be changed, websites will be pulled, Wikipedia entries will be modified thousands time before one can fix himself a cup of instant noodles, so I won’t bother hyper linking anything to this entry, I know I can capture the page in full, but I can’t be bothered as my authenticity will be questioned for the obvious reason that captured material (including screen grabs) are editable, not that I have the technical competence nor the tools to do either, in all cases it’s almost 3am, and I’m recovering from a serious fever and infection, and I just want to vent off and leave those words
for what’s it’s worth.

McCain will be winning despite the winning of Obama, something will happen, in the same size of event if Obama was actually to win and "sustain" his victoy, the history we’re about to witness will probably be yet another in-your-face-and-no-one-will-utter-a-word- type of event were we will silently swallow McCain’s victory like what happened in 2000 and 2004…

Think the sudden fall of Baghdad in the US invasion, the illogical disappearance of Al-Qaeda and Bin-Laden without a big fuss about him and other events that folds and unfolds without much attention despite their sheer size!

Otherwise I will prove wrong, Obama wins, and I will start digging that camo-shelter I always thought necessary and complete my survival gear set, because I know that my radical self will not stop of thinking that we’re truly living in the age were change can be materialized by regular people who are willing to take extreme measures at extreme times (a definition of extremism I once read or heard).

A victorious Obama will be a motivational tale of ambition as far as i'm concerend, but the winning of either candidate will be continuem of the same story of single-pole world of America with the same line of foreign politicies (beside issues such as Iraq that was gambled with during the election), or perhaps not... i take those bracketed comments back, probably nothing will change, just news stories to absorb the Obama winning rush!